Founded by Nathalie Demesmin, The Advocate Consulting Law Group’s practice is focused on helping the people of South Florida in their civil and real estate matters. With over 17 years of legal experience, the law firm offers diverse expertise which includes:

  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Litigation
  • Residential and Commercial Closings
  • Foreclosure Litigation and Mitigation
  • Family Law which includes divorce, child support, paternity.
  • Immigration and Naturalization
  • Probate
  • Will and Trust
  • Personal Injury which includes car accidents, slip, and fall etc.
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Civil litigation

The Advocate Consulting Law Group is not only committed to protecting the rights of the people of South Florida through exceptional legal services, but we also educate the community in order to empower the people.

What sets The Advocate Consulting Law Group apart from other law firms in South Florida is our vast experience in the fields that we practice. We are able to help our clients in more than one area of the law and as such, our clients do not have to go elsewhere for their legal needs. We build a relationship with our clients that enables us to properly defend them in their times of need. Though we are strong litigators, we do try to amicably resolve our clients’ cases whenever possible to limit time and legal fees. We listen to our clients and as a team, we tackle the issues.

The Advocate Consulting Law Group provides superior legal guidance and representation in Florida. Our mission is to help people with compassion and respect.